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Meet Pearl Moon's Founder

Melissa Middlebrook, CYT, RYT, Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist B01753, WAState Certified Reflexologist 60821214, brings to her teaching over forty years of experience and training in the movement arts. Melissa took her first yoga class in 1987 and has been devoted ever since. She studied intensively for many years while continuing a career as a modern dancer.

Following several years of practice in the Iyengar Style, Melissa began in-depth yoga study under Marie Svoboda, Seattle's "grandmother of yoga.” For the past seventeen years she has been a student of Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten, world-renowned innovators of their unique approach, sometimes referred to as "yoga from the inside."


Melissa continues to study and explore both yoga and other modalities including studies in the therapeutic aspects of yoga with Doug Keller. Other inspirations have been the Franklin Method, Continuum, Melt Method and Brain Dance and InterPlay.


Melissa is a WA State Certified Reflexologist. She graduated from the Seattle Reflexology and Massage Center in summer of 2018. Through SRMC she was able to study with many inspiring leaders in reflexology from around the world and is excited to bring this work to her students and clients. She is awaiting her final approval as a Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist and is training with podiatrist Dr. Ray McClanahan to receive his Natural Foot Health Certification.


Melissa lives and teaches in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood with her husband and daughter. In addition to yoga and reflexology, she is a jewelry artist specializing in work with fine silver and semi-precious gemstones. You can see some of her work on her Facebook page



Melissa's Influences Include:

Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten

Doug Keller

Franklin Method


Melt Method

Brain Dance

Group Sessions

Pearl Moon Yoga classes are a rejuvenating blend of breath work, postures, anatomy explorations and relaxation. Open to students with all ability levels, sessions provide opportunity for each person to work strongly or gently, according to their individual health and fitness needs.

Wednesday class location:

1316 3rd Ave West, Seattle, WA 

Queen Anne Christian Church

(Pearl Moon Yoga is not affiliated with QACC)

 *Mondays 10-11:15 am

*Mon. classes are no longer drop-in at QACC.

They are held in Melissa's home with limited space. Please email for information.

Wednesdays 6:15-7:45 pm**

**Please note new Wed. class time

No class

Wednesday Oct. 9th

Wednesday classes run in 6-week sessions. Students can join at any time as space allows.

Please email prior to your first class.


Single or multiple classes are available according to the tiered pricing schedule below.


Tiered Pricing

All six classes $75.00

Any five classes $70.00

Any four classes $62.00

Any three classes $51.00

Single classes $20.00

Private Sessions
Individual lessons are well suited for clients recovering from injuries, illness, and those with physical challenges requiring special attention.
Others benefit from the personalized attention and customized scheduling that private sessions provide.
Beginning yoga students find a session or two can help them feel more comfortable in group classes.
Experienced yoga practitioners can enhance their practice with one-on-one assistance which can be applied to any yoga style.

Instructor Melissa Middlebrook offers lessons to match your individual schedule. One-on-one and private small group sessions are $95/hour with some sliding scale times available. New students receive a free initial phone consultation and first session for $60.

 Occasional private sessions can also enhance regular group classes and/or provide focused attention on a specific challenge.


Please contact Melissa to discuss your needs and to schedule your individualized session(s). Like to share a package of sessions with a friend or small group? Contact Pearl Moon to discuss details.





Melissa is a gifted teacher. She is patient, listens to my needs, pays attention to how my body is (or is not) moving, and then comes up with the perfect work-out for me for that session. 


She is so much more than a yoga instructor. It’s unfortunate insurance and the medical industry don't recognize what she does as “treatment”. She is truly a healer. She knows so much about how the body works and about the mind-body connection. With that knowledge she helps me understand how to listen to my body during a session and when I am not in session with her. 


In addition, she knows how to organize a session so that when it comes to the end, I can relax deeply into my body and feel the differences the session made deep in my muscles. It’s a blissful feeling.  ~Anne B.

Melissa Middlebrook

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